FAQ's For Men
Frequently Asked Questions For Men

1.  What are the ingredients for Finally On Demand?

White willow, Bombyx m, Ginger root, Cordyceps, Epimedium, Oyster, Charcoal, Green Coffee Been Extract, Vinpocetin, 2-DG, Saffron Crocus, Gojiberry PE.
2.  Is Finally On Demand for everyone?

By taking the capsules, men can benefit in their sexual performance and have more confidence.  Women benefit as a result of the man’s increased performance.

3.  Who can benefit from using Finally On Demand?

Men can benefit in their sexual performance and have more confidence.  Women benefit as a result of the man’s increased performance.

4.  How long does Finally On Demand take to work?

Most men find the best results when they take two capsules the first two days, and one each day thereafter. Some men, however, notice results within hours of taking first two capsules.

5.  What is the typical experience men may have when they take Finally On Demand?

On Demand helps improve erection quality and increase sexual performance.  Men are likely to experience increased stamina, heightened body awareness and sensitivity.

6.  Will I automatically get an erection after taking Finally On Demand?

No.  An erection will likely occur after visual, physical or mental stimulation.

7.  If the suggested dosage for Finally On Demand is 1-2 capsules, will it work even better if I take 3 or 4 capsules?

No.  1-2 Capsules will result in maximum effectiveness.  Some men have found better results by taking 2 capsules for two days, and one each day thereafter.

8.  Does Finally On Demand contain all natural ingredients?

Yes.  The ingredients in On Demand are all natural and do not contain any Ephedra, Caffeine, Yohimbe, or any other stimulants. Our Products are also made in the USA.

9.  Does Finally On Demand have any side effects?

On Demand is safe and effective as long as you do not have any medical conditions.  It is derived from an all-natural formula.

10.  If I am taking medication, can I use Finally On Demand?

If you are taking medications, we highly recommend that you consult your physician prior to use.

11.  Can Finally On Demand be taken with alcohol?

For maximum results, do not take On Demand with alcohol.  Alcohol can diminish the effectiveness.

12.  Where should I store Finally On Demand?

Store in a cool dry place away from heat or direct sunlight.

12.  Does Finally On Demand have a shelf life?

Yes, it is 2 years from the date of manufacture/production. The expiration date is clearly marked on the packaging.

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